Lifestyle Session at Home with the Olsson Family

Welcome a brand new babe can feel stressful, overwhelming, and let's not forget the sleep deprivation! It might not seem like the perfect time to invite a photographer into your home, but I wanted to share a few reasons why it actually is an amazing time to do so:

-Lifestyle sessions are less stressful than hauling your littles to a location: As a brand new mom or dad, it can feel downright monumental to get dressed up, put makeup on, gather up your child(ren), and arrive somewhere, on top of nursing or feedings, and changing diapers. Lifestyle sessions in your home mean you can be where you're MOST comfortable, and feel like yourself. Your children will be more relaxed, and everyone can feel at ease going about a normal morning! 

-A lifestyle session preserves memories of the things you love: We all know that families (especially young ones) rarely stay in the same house for years and years, and even if they do, your furniture or decor change as time passes. A shoot in your home preserves those fun parts of your home to remember. It might seem like a small thing, but your children will love looking back in years to come and seeing their bedroom or your living room or backyard. It will bring back nostalgic memories of their childhood. 

-It is special to capture the real emotions of welcoming baby home: Especially for families that are welcoming a new baby, a lifestyle session can capture candid emotions and yes, even those post-partum tears, that show what life was truly like...and it's pretty beautiful. 

This in-home session with the Olsson family was such a delight. They now have two beautiful, charming, and active baby boys, and capturing some of their first weeks home was such a privilege. I hope they are always able to look back on these images and remember when their trio turned to a foursome!

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the shawl family | newborns | oregon lifestyle family photographer

This was one of my favorite newborn sessions.  I adore this mom and loved chatting with her about all the things to expect with baby number two.   It was my first newborn shoot with another sibling, which if you have done a newborn session or have had your own done they can be quite stressful and time consuming.  Making sure baby is fed and happy and everyone is calm and quite.  When you add in a toddler things can get kind of crazy but this session was a breeze.  I chatted with the mom about everything because I was about to be in her shoes so I loved seeing the new family dynamic of the second baby.   Margaux her daughter was so fun, she was a perfect bubbly little girl who wanted to hold her "baby" and be close.   Thank you Ashley and Chris for the little glimpse into your family and congratulations on your beautiful babes!

This session was also featured on Let the Kids a few weeks ago! 

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a day on the farm | oregon Family lifestyle Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions because we incorporated the things this family love to do together.  Terrie is a wonderful designer and wedding stylist.  I met Terrie because I nannied her youngest daughter and then she styled my wedding, which can be seen here on Style Me Pretty.  She loves spending time with her family and her and her husband have built a gorgeous home urban farm in Jacksonville, Oregon.   I love family sessions that tell a story like this one.  We incorporated their lifestyle to tell a little more story of the Day Family.  The dining outside (table built by her husband Steve) and going to feed the chickens.  I also admire Terrie's style which is French Parisian Chic with a twist of farmhouse.  Every time I go to her house I never want to leave, it's like the perfect little escape.    Any woman would want Terrie to design their home! I have also worked with her a lot on some weddings as you can guess she has an amazing eye for styling weddings.   Terrie's girls are the sweetest they are all so beautiful and they are so sweet natured.  Her husband is one of the nicest men I know and he is always up for whatever Terrie dreams up.  I always love hearing her next plans and her new creative ideas.  It is truly a honor to call her a friend and to spend time with such a creative and talented woman.  Also their chickens and roosters are adorable.  Terrie's favorite Rooster is named Rosie because they thought it was a girl when he was a chick.    I would love for my clients to incorporate their lifestyle into their shoot.  It is the best way to tell your story as a family and really document you doing things you do everyday authentically.   Trust me, we don't have to play with the chickens if that's not your lifestyle!  We just need to incorporate your personalities and your style into the shoot by communicating and planning what makes sense for your family.